Cakes + Coffee!

Imagine this. You’re at the farmer’s market. The streets are packed and there are friendly voices all around. You and your family stop by each stand and say hello to the familiar farmers you see every week. They offer samples of their fruit, and you walk away happy with a purchase of fresh produce. While walking down the street and listening to the music playing from the live band, you smell the faint aroma of sweet baked goods and rich earthy coffee. You enter the zone with specialty vendors and spot stands piled high with baked goods and the familiar sound of steaming milk. After buying healthy fruits and veggies, why not enjoy a treat?

While visits to the farmers market don’t come like they used to, we don’t have to forget that feeling of the bustling stands and plethora of delectable goods brought by our local businesses. That is why Farmers Market on Wheels is delighted to announce our partnership with Whisk Cake Creations from Alameda, Tico Coffee Roasters from Campbell, and Linea Caffe from San Francisco. 


As Whisk Cake Creations' first time partner, we will be helping Henry Awayan and his small business continue to serve their delicious cakes to the community. They were badly hit by COVID-19, having to let go of a significant amount of their workers and only having the capacity to work two days a week. So, we found it essential to give them a helping hand, just like they did for numerous weddings, birthdays, and celebrations our community has had. 

For now, enjoy Whisk Cake Creations cakes by ordering through our website!



What’s dessert without some coffee? We’re proud to announce our second partnership with Tico Coffee Roasters, a sustainable, eco-conscious coffee business from Campbell. CEO Mariana Faerron grew up in Costa Rica and brought to the Bay her love for sharing quality coffee beans. However, their workdays have now drastically diminished to two days a week and sales are falling. Our appreciation for her passion for sustainably sourcing coffee, connecting to her farmers, and serving the community, made us certain that we wanted to partner up and be there for them and their workers.

Try out their packaged roasted beans, with new flavors coming out every week!



Alongside Tico, we have another extraordinary coffee roaster, Linea Caffe! From San Francisco’s Mission district, owner Andrew Barnett works closely with farmers in Central America, South America, and Africa to sustain organic farming and high-quality coffee beans. But like many other businesses these days, they’re experiencing fewer working days and decreased sales. We’re sure their good quality coffee beans will bring simple pleasure to our crazy lives. And while we work with Linea to bring their delicious coffee across the Bay, both Linea, Tico, and our local coffee community are extending hands to support each other.

Linea’s roasted beans will be up on our website for you to try out!


So like those afternoons at the farmers market, take a gander at the specialty stands, cakes and coffee, after your usual pickup of fresh produce. All our new products will be delivered with your box! Our wish is to bring back the feeling of going to the farmers market while making sure our community stands together in solidarity.

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