Keto and Healthy Eating with Nicole Poirier

I recently sat down on the phone with professional chef and keto advocate Nicole Poirier. Coming in, I had a general idea that keto, paleo, and other “trendy” diets were simply used by people to feel healthier. Little did I know, these diets have tremendous effects on not only one’s body, but mind and soul.

Poirier has been a professional chef for over a decade. Throughout her journey as a chef, she was able to acquire knowledge and experience cooking for specific dietary restrictions or preferences from an ever-shifting client base. However, it wasn’t until 14 years ago when she discovered her own dietary restriction — a gluten allergy — that led her to actually practice and adopt a more health-conscious lifestyle.

Her personal transition brought her to keto in 2016. Poirier recalls that she “immediately had success with weight loss.” Along with keto, she also tried her hand at intermediate fasting.

Keto, which consists of eating low-carb and higher-fat foods, made Poirier rely heavily on foods like fresh vegetables, healthy fats, and fulfilling proteins. This responsibility is fitting, because Poirier has a “serious produce addiction.”

For her job, she hits a farmers market at least once a week, but usually twice. She said it's important to her to support local farms while also getting quality ingredients. Additionally, shopping for produce allows her to easily carry out her cooking technique: making her dishes as colorful as possible.

“I try to maximize nutrient density by including as many colors on the plate as I can,” Poirier said. She then listed off some examples of what she’s been cooking lately — luckily for all of us, FMOW is including some of her recipes on our Recipes page, so look out for some delicious-looking colorful foods.

Using her dedication to eating healthier and love for exploring and incorporating a large range of fresh produce, Poirier was able to make an enormous impact on her life using keto.

“Keto one-hundred percent changed my life in every aspect, from physical, to mental, to emotional, to spiritual,” Poirier said. “When you embark on a way of eating that is successful for managing your blood sugar, it's a domino effect.”

This domino effect includes a whole abundance of benefits that left me speechless as to what the world of healthy eating can bring you. Specifically for keto, one gets fewer cravings, less inflammation, more energy, rejuvenated taste buds, and better focus.

Poirier described the mental and physical energy boost like an uninterrupted brain: “When your body is constantly demanding glucose, it's like a phone ringing.” But now, without that inner phone ringing constantly, Poirier feels her daily productivity has skyrocketed.

And for all the ladies, this one is going to blow your minds. After keeping up a keto diet, Poirier said her PMS has virtually disappeared. Managing sugar intake helps to balance hormones, according to Poirier, and the result is better mood balance, increased fertility, and a healthier female body.

Coming into this meeting, I had just thought that keto was another trendy diet. But after talking to Poirier, I’ve realized the importance of healthy eating. You don’t have to be a keto fanatic either — Poirier said that cutting down carbs and managing sugar intake can still bring bounds of benefits.

In the end, one apple a day may not actually keep the doctors away, but a healthier diet can definitely keep health inconveniences away. And with local, fresh produce, that diet can be easier to achieve than you thought. For us at FMOW, our produce is not only fresh and tasty, but fulfills the body’s needs and can bring great joy to our customer’s lives.


Nicole Poirier's new cookbook, Intermittent Fasting Cookbook, is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

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