Lessons in Growth

Thank you, everyone, for your overwhelming support of Farmers Market on Wheels. When we launched, we hoped for a 20% growth forecast of 80 orders. We were flooded by overwhelming demand and completely sold out our store in 4 days, forcing us to shut down our marketplace. The farmers we worked with had never seen such high demand.

Needless to say, we topped the 80 orders we predicted.  Our marketplace was sold out on every item.  Unfortunately, this meant that we had to partially refund some orders because our farmers did not expect such a demand.  To top it all off, our drivers who are used to only driving to their farmers market location were caught off guard that they had to drive as south as Campbell and as for north as San Francisco.

The overwhelming response was great news because it proved that we are solving a problem that people care about. People want farm-fresh quality produce delivered to their door and to support local farmers. Farmers Market on Wheels is helping farmers to keep their farms running during these difficult times. Their produce can now reach more households than they ever anticipated.

While we were successful in finding a viable business, we also uncovered our growing pains as a small company. We still have a lot to learn. Moving forward, we will be asking our farmers for a larger supply of their produce to meet our customer demands, narrowing our delivery area to stay focused, and building our customer support team to respond to inquiries in a timely manner. We are continually working to improve our operations and communication to build a company that people can rely on.

During this journey, we hope many of you will join us in helping improve Farmers Market on Wheels in order to help save our farmers.

Thank you for the support, and let’s continue to forge ahead in getting farm-fresh offerings on your table.



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  • Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing your store stocked again! Take good care!

    Melissa Murray

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