Our Delivery Service

Farmers Market on Wheels would not be anything without its one crucial part: delivery.

There are a lot of cogs that go into working the FMOW machine. Our team works behind the scenes on inventory, website management, marketing, and more. But one thing we cannot accomplish on our own is the delivery aspect. That’s why we decided to work with our current courier service, Angels Courier.

Angels Courier, a regional business based in Tracy, works all over the Bay Area to deliver our goods efficiently.

With produce, it is essential for us to keep it fresh. That can be difficult when they are put into a van, and also when driving to 45 different cities, so we have made Angels Courier aware of the necessity to deliver fast. Luckily for us, they understand the risk and are dedicated to getting produce quickly and reliably to your door through timely delivery and splitting up neighborhoods to different drivers. And now with the pandemic, they are also making sure to keep you and your family safe by practicing clean handling.

Additionally, we are working on a more sustainable system in which our drivers are picking up old boxes from previous orders and recycling for you.

If you would like to learn more about Angels Courier, visit their website www.angelscourier.com, or reach out to us with any questions and concerns.

At FMOW, we are dedicated to making your farmers market experience the best it can be.

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