Our Partnership with Feed Our Frontliners

When teens get out of school and dive into summer, most are probably looking to just hang out and chill. But for Jacob Gonzaga, the presence of COVID-19 still remains an issue, whether it is summer or not. So with the free time, Gonzaga knew he wanted to use it to help those combatting the virus: our frontliners.

"I started Feed Our Frontliners because I wanted to help in any way possible the medical workers risking their lives to save lives," Gonzaga said. "I have a lot of friends and family that work in the medical field, so I did whatever I could to support them, even if it was just one hot meal at a time."

In his own words, Feed Our Frontliners was Gonzaga's way of lending a hand during these trying times by donating meals for healthcare workers. 

Gonzaga started by contacting local hospitals on how to best donate fresh meals to the hospital staff. "Our first delivery to the hospitals was surprisingly seamless. We delivered food from Old Siam Restaurant in Sunnyvale to Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital," Gonzaga said.

From then on, Gonzaga worked with other local restaurants on donating food to the hospital. He created the Feed Our Frontliners website to gather donations for food delivery funding. "We are an organization solely running on the donations provided by the community," Gonzaga said.

However, Gonzaga hopes that by working with FMOW, Feed Our Frontliners can gain more traction and aid more hospitals around the Bay.

Here at FMOW, we are amazed of Gonzaga's efforts thus far, and his commitment to providing food — a source of comfort — to the hardworking nurses and doctors that risk their lives every day fighting coronavirus.

Therefore, we want to show our support by partnering up with Feed Our Frontlines with our new FMOW frontliner goody bag. These packages will contain fresh fruits, veggies, and speciality items that may hopefully nourish hospital workers while expressing our appreciation. Click on the link to do your part in helping our local healthcare workers. 

For Gonzaga, having friends and family in the medical field has made him realize the necessity for our community to give back to those fighting for us. "I hope people learn to appreciate what they have and not take it for granted," Gonzaga said. "These frontliners are risking their lives every day just to help and aid their community."

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