Strawberry Season!

Everyone knows summer is the time to be for strawberries. That’s why strawberries from Brother’s Ranch have been selling like crazy. Not only is it peak season for them, but Brother’s Ranch is cranking out the ripest organic strawberries, grown right here in our community.

Since our strawberries are extra ripe and ready to immediately consume (which you’ll want to since they’re delicious), they are currently on sale and will be for a while! Why? Brother’s Ranch explained to us their process of harvesting strawberries during this time of year.

Strawberries love the sun. With increased sun exposure during this season, they ripen faster and in turn, develop a darker color. That only means that they are sweeter than in other seasons! So, the strawberries are ripening so fast now that the farmers at Brother’s Ranch are working around the clock to harvest as quickly as possible. And because spring and summer strawberries are more delicate in general than fall and winter strawberries, the farmers can only hand pick the strawberries, leading to some bruising here and there. It does not affect the taste or quality at all! Only means these strawberries are hand picked by the people who planted and nurtured them.

All that being said, that is why our strawberries are on sale, because we are getting loads of ripe strawberries that need hungry mouths soon! So get them while they’re coming, fresh and sweet.

Additionally, we wanted to give you guys some tips on how to take care of your strawberries after they’ve arrived to maintain freshness for longer.

Avoid getting your strawberries wet with water. Only wash them right before consumption. To store, place them in a tupperware with a dry paper towel between each layer of strawberries and keep in the fridge. They will last for about 2 weeks.

Let’s get you stocked up on your strawberries to celebrate the summer season! We sure love them here at FMOW and we hope you do too.

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