Never Fail Garlicky Green Bean Salad

Nicole Poirier is the owner of and a professional chef and restrictive diets specialist, passionate about helping you achieve greater levels of health through nutrition and mindfulness.

Serving Size: 4-6 servings

Prep Time Cook Time Total Time
10 mins 2 mins 12 mins
  • 1 lb/475 g green beans
  • 2 – 3 cloves fresh garlic
  • 2 Tablespoons neutral-flavored oil – MCT for Ketogenic optimization, olive oil, avocado oil, et cetera
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Optional: crispy bacon bits, crumbled cotija cheese, toasted almonds
  1. Bring 2 quarts/~1.9 liters of water to the boil with a pinch of salt added.
  2. Trim the ends off of the beans and snap into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Transfer to the boiling water and cook for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  4. Immediately strain and shock in an ice bath of 50% cold water and 50% ice.
  5. By the time the ice melts, the beans will be ready to drain. Drain thoroughly so that they are almost dry.
  6. Finely mince 2 – 3 cloves of garlic, to your taste.
  7. Transfer the beans to a mixing bowl and add the garlic, oil, and salt & pepper.
  8. Toss and season additionally to taste.
  9. Top with any or all of the optional ingredients if desired and enjoy!

Link to the original recipe here.

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