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Water - 100% Natural Artesian Water (Glass) [by the Case]

Water - 100% Natural Artesian Water (Glass) [by the Case]

per 12 bottle case
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PRICE DROP! Now only $2.99/bottle in the 12-bottle case!

Tahoe Artesian is a family owned premium natural alkaline water sourced from a single aquifer 6,000 feet high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The water surges from a deep subterranean granite aquifer that naturally pressurizes the water to the surface, which both prohibits the inclusion of contaminants and maintains the exceptional purity of the water.

  • Tahoe Artesian Water only captures the excess water that reaches the surface though natural pressurization. This allows our aquifer to remain full and in perfect harmony with the environment.
  • 100% natural local artesian which does not require distillation, chlorination, or reverse osmosis.
  • 100% natural alkalinity. While most bottled water brands artificially infuse their water with alkaline, Tahoe Artesian Water is naturally alkaline with a pH level of 8.3+.

Price per 12 bottle case.
We locally source our Water - 100% Natural Artesian Water (Glass) [by the Case] from Tahoe Artesian.