Questions? We have answers!

Are all the products organic?

Not all the products are organic, but the farmers utilize crop rotations as their own all-natural home remedy pest control solution. We also have some farmers who are Certified Organic and it will be indicated on the produce. All of our products have been certified by our team to be pesticide free.

Which farms do you work with?

Our partner farms include Calvillo Brothers Ranch, Ibarra Farms, J&J Farms, Clara's Eggs and Top Knotch Citrus.

Click here for the full list!

Some of the farmers used to be USDA Certified Organic, how come they no longer are?

In the past few years, USDA Certifications have risen in price. Certifications in 2020 are extremely costly and these farmers can’t afford the extra expense especially during these times.

Are the eggs free-range or cage-free?

Our farmer’s chickens are all free-range.

How are perishable items shipped?

If you have purchased perishable items that need refrigeration, please set out a cooler with ice the day of your order delivery so that our deliverer can make sure your perishables stay fresh as long as possible. All perishables are refrigerated during transport.

When will you get more produce?

Due to high demands, we sometimes sell out of some products. Don't worry though, we'll have new produce every week!

Why are certain produce items not in your store?

Many items requested by customers are seasonal. We will have different products throughout the year as they come into season.

Check out this page to see what items are in season!

Why are some items missing from my box?

We are sorry we can't guarantee all items will in your box. We work with small farmers and their produce can be strongly affected by weather conditions.  We are working very hard to keep your favorite items and necessities in stock. When you place an online order, we’ll attempt to fulfill it with your selected products or acceptable substitutions. If we can't, please reach out to us with a photo of the produce and we will issue you a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Why do your products ripen faster than those from grocery store?

Our farmers pick all of our produce ready-to-eat. Traditional grocery stores and chains pick their produce before they're ripe to avoid damage during shipping and over-ripening. Additionally, unlike grocery stores, we try to avoid cold-storage and anti-ripening chemicals, which allow produce to stay edible for longer but at the expense of using natural farming and shipping methods. Of course, if you're unsatisfied with the quality of your produce, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to refund you for affected items!

When do you deliver?

Check out the Delivery page for more information!

How can I get FMOW in my city?

Please fill out our City Request Form and we'll try to get it added to our delivery zone.

What time do you deliver?

An email notification will be sent to you after you order your box.  Delivery should be between 9am - 2pm on your set delivery day.  

Check out the Delivery page for more information!

When should I order?

Check out the Delivery page for more information!

Can I offer my house as a pick-up location?

To limit the spread of coronavirus, and to encourage social distancing, we will not allow centralized pick-up locations for our boxes at this time.

How do you accept payments?

At check out, you will have a choice to pay with your credit card.

Do specialty cakes count toward the $40 minimum?

No, the cost of the specialty cakes does not count toward the $40 minimum for Free Delivery. If the order, excluding the cake, does not exceed $40, you will be charged our normal delivery fee.

What kind of farmers contribute to FMOW?

Small farmers who sell 80% of their produce at Farmers Markets only. 

If I have Farmers Market merchant I like, can I refer them to FMOW?

Yes, you can! Please have them contact us.

Are any of your farmers use any pesticides, waxes or ethanol sprays?

The small farmers we are working with are pesticide free.  They do not use any chemicals used to make the produce last longer, or grow for mass production to ship all over the world. We work with small farms whom 80% percent of their sales go to farmers market, therefore they are not growing in huge quantities.

Can I return the boxes used to deliver my produce?

If you wish, please put the previous week’s box outside so our drivers can pick them up.  We can also collect the plastic containers for some of the fruits, onions and such.  Just leave them all where you wish for our drivers to leave the boxes.