Why We Do It

The story of Farmers Market on Wheels

In April 2020, Farmers Market on Wheels was launched to combat the devastating effects of COVID-19 on farmers. Our founding team was inspired by Judy’s family farm, whose business had a rapid decline with the spread of coronavirus. We soon discovered many more farms suffering from these same obstacles and became dedicated to supporting both these farms and other small local businesses that serve our community. And that’s when FMOW took off!

Some farmers are losing 70% of their sales revenue due to farmers’ market closures, 20% due to canceled restaurant orders, and 10% from their inability to perform roadside traffic sales. Other food vending businesses have seen around 80% drop in wholesales and 100% drop in event sales. For the foreseeable future, their outlook is very grim. Please help out these merchants by ordering from FMOW.

We pride ourselves in our customizable boxes. You can order anytime up to once a week with a minimum purchase of $39.99. Choose whatever you want, and as much of it as you’d like. For those who want to set it and forget it, we also have subscription boxes. Perfect to gift, enjoy with your family or send to those who need it.

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