Bagel - Onion Bialy

Bagel - Onion Bialy

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Wise Sons Bagels are hand-crafted in our San Francisco bakery using quality ingredients and traditional techniques. Our bagels are kettle boiled, double- coated in classic toppings, and carefully baked for just the right amount of chew.

To store: After two days bagels are best stored sliced and frozen; revive in toaster.

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, diced onions, poppy seeds, sea salt, yeast and nigella seeds

Pre-order Deadline: This product must be pre-ordered by Friday at 12PM PST as they are made fresh for you. Pre-orders will re-open the following Monday!

Important Note: This product will need refrigeration upon delivery. Please set out a cooler with ice the day of your order delivery so that our deliverer can make sure your perishables stay fresh as long as possible. All perishables are refrigerated during transport. We hope you enjoy your order as much as we enjoy bringing you the best of Bay Area goods!

Price per 4 bagel bag.
We locally source our Bagel - Onion Bialy from Wise Sons.