Kit - Fermented Tea Leaf Salad Spicy

Kit - Fermented Tea Leaf Salad Spicy

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The Burma Love Foods Spicy Tea Leaf Salad Kit contains one tub of Spicy Fermented Tea Leaf dressing and one tub of Burmese Crunchy Mix to make up to four servings of our tea leaf salad recipe. Just add crisp fresh romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, fresh jalapeños and lemon juice to enjoy the original 'Recipe of Burma Superstar'.

Allergens: Contains peanuts.

Ingredients: Dressing: sunflower oil, fermented organic tea leaves (organic tea leaves, water), Habanero peppers purée, garlic, sea salt, yeast extract, lime juice, ginger root purée, dried mushroom, dried tomato. Crunchy Mix: roasted peanuts (peanuts, peanut oil), roasted sunflower seed kernels (sunflower kernels, canola oil, sea salt), sesame seeds, dehydrated garlic, yellow split peas, sunflower oil, water.

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Price per 12 oz.
We locally source our Kit - Fermented Tea Leaf Salad Spicy from Burma Love Foods.