Fried Rice - Thai Basil Fried Rice

Fried Rice - Thai Basil Fried Rice

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Product Description:  

Ingredients:  Chicken, rice, green beans, basil, bell peppers, garlic, chllies, stir-fried sauce.

NO MSG added. 
NO preservatives
NO coloring
FRESHLY made weekly

Reheating Instruction: 

First thaw rice in container in the refrigerator overnight.  There are 2 ways of reheating rice.

1.  Stovetop:  Add oil to a skillet.  Add rice to the pan once the oil is warmed and stir continuously, distributing the heat and oil.  Cook for a minimum of 10 minutes on medium-high heat.

2.  Microwave:  Place the microwave-safe container in the microwave.  Cover the container with a damp paper towel, to help keep moisture inside the container.  Cook rice on high for 2 minutes, give it a good stir to disperse heat.  If needed, heat rice for another 1 minute.

Important Note: This product will need refrigeration upon delivery. Please set out a cooler with ice the day of your order delivery so that our deliverer can make sure your perishables stay fresh as long as possible. All perishables are refrigerated during transport. We hope you enjoy your order as much as we enjoy bringing you the best of Bay Area goods!

Price per 2 servings.
We locally source our Fried Rice - Thai Basil Fried Rice from The Old Siam.