Plants - Beefsteak Tomatoes

Plants - Beefsteak Tomatoes

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Beefsteak tomatoes, aptly named large, thickly fleshed fruits, are one of the favorite tomato varieties for the home garden. Growing beefsteak tomatoes requires a heavy cage or stakes to support the often 1-pound (454 gr.) fruits. Beefsteak tomato varieties are late maturing and should be started indoors to extend the growing period. The beefsteak tomato plant produces classic slicing tomatoes that your family will love.

Most of the beefsteak tomato varieties require a growing season of at least 85 days to harvest. This is not possible in most of the United States, which means starts or your own transplants are the best way to begin. If you are a stickler for consistency, you’ll want to start your own seed. March is an ideal time for planting beefsteak tomatoes indoors. Sow seed in flats, and nurture them until they are at least 8 inches (20 cm.) tall and exterior soil temperatures are at least 60 F. (16 C.). The beefsteak tomato plant needs to be hardened off before planting outdoors, usually around May.

Choose a sunny, well drained garden bed in which to plant your tomato starts. A raised bed warms early in the season and is a good method for how to grow beefsteak tomatoes in cooler climates. Work in compost or other organic amendments to the soil before you plant and incorporate a starter fertilizer to get the little plants off to a good start.

Allow spacing of at least 5 feet (1.5 m.) for good air circulation and install sturdy cages or other support structures. Beefsteak tomato varieties will need tying in, as they are trained up a support. Beefsteak tomatoes are primarily indeterminate, which means you may remove the auxiliary shoots to promote better branching.

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We locally source our Plants - Beefsteak Tomatoes from Brothers Ranch.