Savoureux Snack Mix (Gluten Free)

Savoureux Snack Mix (Gluten Free)

per 3.5 oz pouch
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Product Description:

Smoked paprika brings this mouthwatering mix a distinct smoky and yet savory flavor. Tamari, garlic and pecans create a playful and healthy crunch that enhances soup, salad, veggies, and more. Or, simply enjoy on its own. Savoureux is how the French say "tasty" - need we say more?

✔︎ No gluten
✔︎ No grains
✔︎ No dairy
✔︎ Non-GMO
✔︎ Kosher
✔︎ Vegan certified

Price per 3.5 oz pouch.
We locally source our Savoureux Snack Mix (Gluten Free) from Becca's Petites.